RBP India inlineDr. H. C. Stephen, chairman of the Council of Eight of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, met with Chris Hindal, John Greening, and Michael Nolan at the Regular Baptist Ministries Resource Center on Tuesday, Aug. 23 to strategize together regarding the newly launched Regular Baptist Press International.

This publishing venture, which prints Regular Baptist Press Christian education materials in India, printed its first resource, Vacation Bible School curriculum, this summer. H. C. Stephen’s church in Manipur, India, used the curriculum for its VBS program that ministered to 990 children. About 200 children received Christ as their Savior.

In 2017, Regular Baptist Press will publish its newest Vacation Bible School curriculum, “Over the Moat: Drawbridge to the King.” Hindal (director of Regular Baptist International), Greening (national representative of Regular Baptist Churches), and Nolan (CFO and treasurer for Regular Baptist Ministries) strategized changes that Regular Baptist Press International will make to the program to enhance its acceptance in India. For example, covers will be redesigned and photos of Caucasians will be swapped out for photos of Asians. The group forecasts that the adaptation and printing of Sunday School materials will take place in 2018.

Much of the group’s thoughts and discussion focused on the tangible collaborative opportunities of the IPFBM. Greening identified 10 potential ministry efforts that would RBP India 2 inlinebenefit IPFBM partners if leveraged together. More of our Regular Baptist ministry strategies, the group agrees, need a global perspective rather than just that of Regular Baptists in North America.