Michael and Heidi Blackwell have served as church-planting missionaries in Paarl, South Africa, since 2007. Regular Baptist Press International recently sent them Sunday School materials to use in their children’s ministries.

“It is really hard to find such sound, fundamental, easily understandable, and fun lessons for kids,” Heidi says in her thank-you letter to GARBC International. “We really appreciate your ministry to our little church here in Paarl, South Africa.”

At the Blackwells’ request, Regular Baptist Press International sends them resources to teach two and threes, pre-primaries (ages 4 to 6), and primaries (first and second grades). “Our ministry is bilingual,” Heidi says, “so often we translate as we teach, and the younger curriculum works best for us. That being said, if we see that the kids are doing well and might need an extra challenge in the next few years, we will order the Junior materials as well.” rbpmaterial-inline-2

Regular Baptist Press International (formerly called Gospel Literature Services) has been sending Regular Baptist Press resources to ministries around the world since 1973. Donations from individuals and churches make this ministry possible. Participate by donating online, by mail, or by phone.