Gospel Literature Services regularly sends Biblical resources to Baptist missionaries and churches around the world. One recent grateful recipient sent the following letter.

I would like to thank you for the curriculum that you have been sending to Community Connection Church in Ballito, South Africa. This year at our Holiday Bible Clubs we ministered to 212 kids on the first day! We saw 266 different children during the week, of which 60 children made decisions for Jesus. 40 of those are unchurched and simply grabbed the opportunity to soak in the gospel. The other blessing was to see pastors, youth pastors and Sunday school teachers working together.

We very much depended on the Americans serving in our community. Miss Sue and another mission couple from Houston, Texas, helped us to adapt the programme to our African culture, whilst exposing our children to the “bigger, better, more” of the USA!  We had to let these kids from sunny South Africa experience snow by renting a snow machine! Some of the adults here have never even seen snow, so the kids were literally blown away.

What a joy it has been to see this come together!

As the Ballito Holiday Bible Clubs director, I can assure you that we have not received one complaint, but rather saw parents very emotional at our final closing ceremony. They are so grateful for the opportunity that their children had to make a decision for Jesus. So many unchurched families are now joining the different local churches and all the volunteers have been very grateful to have had a front row seat in seeing God at work.

Your African sister in Christ,

Liezel Essop