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Prasad Sakile in Andhra Pradesh, South India, communicates the concept that teaching is not just teaching truths, but more importantly, causing students to learn. School systems in most developing countries use rote memorization as their primary teaching method. The teacher disseminates the information; the student memorizes it and repeats it as evidence of learning. Unfortunately, those truths may never be internalized or transcend the classroom into everyday application.

As Prasad translated Regular Baptist Press Sunday School curriculum, he saw the power of interactive learning. He conducted training sessions for 724 teachers in several local churches. Recently Gospel Literature Services released $7,000 to print 1,000 more teaching packets, and Prasad is committed to train more teachers.

Recently he wrote a note describing a first in his ministry and probably in his whole region:

“For the first time ever, we conducted a children’s camp using action songs, a puppet show, Bible stories, PowerPoint visuals, and group discussion. I was afraid to try this, but praise God He used it, and there were no complaints.”

Praise God for a brother who took the risk, thinking outside the box, and is not content to disseminate information. With God’s enabling, boys and girls are learning Biblical truths that will transform their lives and prepare them to serve their Lord effectively.