Macdonily Kafer is the widow of Laban Limbanga, former president of the Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association in Malawi. She sends the following ministry update.

We want to thank you for the support you sent to us last month. The support was used to get preventive materials for COVID-19. We bought 103 plastic buckets, soap, hand towels, and hand sanitizer, which were distributed to all churches under our association. Distribution was delayed due to the political situation in our country, but the Lord helped us a lot.

We happened to visit some Baptist churches within our association and trained children’s teachers on how they can use Sunday School materials from Regular Baptist Press. They enjoyed the teachings and were motivated to see the materials translated into our language. They appreciated the work and the materials. During our visits, we saw children demonstrating methods of memorizing verses from the Bible and we gave them some incentives to motivate them.

Macdonily Kafer
Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association
Ntchisi, Malawi