RBP materials inlineGospel Literature Services regularly sends free Sunday School materials, Vacation Bible School programs, and books, all published by Regular Baptist Press, to churches and ministries around the world who need them. One recent recipient was a church in South Africa. The Sunday School superintendent of that church sends the following thank-you note:

My name is Florence Duval of Maraisburg Family Fellowship in Johannesburg, South Africa. My dad, John McKay, was the pastor of the church for 16 years, until he died on Jan. 10, 2010, while preaching. This was both a painful and precious time for our church. We have not yet called a new pastor, but we are praying that God would open a door for us.

As the Sunday School superintendent, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and GARBC Ministries for your faithful gift of materials for our Sunday School. We have a very vibrant and growing Sunday School, and are so blessed to have the material which you so faithfully send to us. We average 50–60 kids on a Sunday morning, 85 percent of whose parents attend our church; the balance are kids from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds whose parents don’t attend church at all. It has been a great joy to see these kids come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

We also have a child of 14 years old who has Down syndrome. He loves the lessons and tries to learn his Bible verses.

Thanks so much again, and may God continue to bless you.