Regular Baptist Press International regularly sends Regular Baptist Press resources to ministries around the world. Two such ministries recently sent thank-you letters for the Sunday School materials they received.

This is to inform you that I regularly receive the Sunday School materials provided by the Regular Baptist Press International for my church in Yangon and I am so much blessed by your lessons. The lessons I received are so high and deep for my people but I try to explain to my church members. I thank God for the GARBC. We continue to have need of funds to buy Burmese Bibles for new believers.

Mangpau Gualnam
Evangelical Baptist Conference
Yangon, Myanmar

I received the package sent by Regular Baptist Press International. Thank you so very much for your care and attention to the ministry in Guyana. We can’t thank the Lord and you enough. God bless you.

Pastor John Nascimento
Emmaus First Baptist Church
East Bernice-Corentyne, Guyana