GUYANA, South America—Are you daily Digging for God’s Truth? This was the theme for Vacation Bible School 2009. It was a delight each day (Aug. 10–14) to welcome over 75 children between the ages of four and 18. The studies were about creation (Gen. 1:1—2:3), the purpose for human life (Gen 1:26–29; 2:4–25), how to be right with God (Gen. 3), what happened to dinosaurs (Gen. 6:5—8:19), and God keeping His promises (8:13—9:27).

We thank God for the opportunity to reach out to the children and youth. Three teens dedicated their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the text of one of the memory verses for the week, indeed, “Praise ye the Lord. . . . Praise him for his mighty acts” (Ps. 150:1, 2).