Evangel Baptist Church, Silva, Mo., hosted Vacation Bible School July 7–11 using the Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way program published by Regular Baptist Press. A high of 30 students attended, and the church is praising the Lord that five boys and girls made professions of faith in Christ.

VBS 14 Poster“Our church is located in Wayne County, which is the poorest county in Missouri, with a large number of families on welfare,” says Richard W. Brosseau, church treasurer. “Many of the men who do have jobs spend their days cutting timber.”

Nevertheless the church enthusiastically promoted Arrow Island’s missions project, “Operation Bangladesh: Reaching Children for Christ.”

The project is raising money to enable Hebron Christian School in Bangladesh to improve the living facilities for the 150 children who attend and live at the school.

Brosseau says, “We praise the Lord for a great offering and know it will be used to the glory of God.”