New Testament Baptist Church Association in Manipur, India, and Berean Baptist Ministries Thankful in Noney, India, partnered to train Vacation Bible School teachers. The associations send the following letter.

We are thankful to God for a fruitful VBS orientation at Berean Baptist Ministries in Noney, India, on Saturday, June 8. Forty-five pastors, teachers, and leaders enjoyed learning and participating in teaching techniques and skills.

Chingboi Hangsing of New Testament Baptist Church Association told the participants, “When you see something beautiful in a student, let them know. It may take a second to say, but for them it could last a lifetime.” She also shared her passion for VBS as a student many years ago and then as a teacher and committee member. She still claims her heart is on fire for VBS. She uses materials from Regular Baptist Press.

New Testament Baptist Church Association
Berean Baptist Ministries
Manipur and Noney, India