Whenever disaster strikes in whatever form, God is up to something. The physical needs overwhelm the victims, but for those who are sensitive to God, spiritual opportunities abound. Regular Baptist Press International (formerly Gospel Literature Services – GLS), as an extension of the GARBC, steps in the gap to replace the Sunday School curriculum of the church, provide tracts specific to a disaster scenario, and helps churches in ways that assist them in meeting the spiritual needs in their community.

Due to the suddenness of disaster, it is important that the funds are on hand so that the help can be forwarded immediately. Are you willing to give so the GARBC is poised to help? Instead of being last, we can be among the first to assist.

On the donation page, select “emergency relief” as your designation, or send a check to:

Regular Baptist Press International
3715 N. Ventura Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Write “emergency relief – #6071” on the memo line.