What a blessing to see the expressions of joy and gratitude on the faces of pastors when we roll out motorcycles bought for them with money given by faithful people in the U.S. The pastors express deep appreciation for the gifts and are thankful to God and to those who gave sacrificially to make this dream a reality.

Motorcycles may not be much in the West, but in developing countries like Liberia or India or elsewhere, owning a motorcycle is like owning a car. In fact, many nationals use motorcycles as the family car and transport two adults and two children at a time. Thus far, these pastors have been using public transportation, which is unpredictable, slow, or non-existent in the bush. Motorized vehicles enable pastors to travel faster and cover more areas, allowing them to touch more lives. Each motorcycle costs $1,150.

Donate online, designating your gift as “Equipping International Pastors.” Or send a check (with “Equipping International Pastors” on the memo line) to:

Regular Baptist Ministries
Attn: International
PO Box 7321
Carol Stream, IL 60197-7321