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  • Chris Hindal ministers in Scranton, PA

    New Life Baptist Church, Scranton, PA announced on Sunday, March 22, 2015 that their offer to purchase a former Methodist church building was accepted. Presently the church worships in rented quarters that are less than helpful in their outreach efforts. Though visitors sometimes stop in, the downtown second floor location is not favorable towards building the congregation. Chris Hindal added to ...more

  • Chris Hindal ministers in Atlantic City, NJ

    The mention of Atlantic City New Jersey conjures up images of the boardwalk, the Jersey shore and the ubiquitous casinos. Decadence expresses itself openly. Just two blocks from the boardwalk, a bold neon sign perched on top of the historic Chelsea Baptist Church reads, “Christ died for our sins.” For over one hundred years this sign has marked this location ...more