Fifteen couples from Heather Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Ind., gathered at the Comfort Suites Inn in Newport, Ky., for a couples’ retreat. Chris Hindal spoke three times on the theme of marriage and evangelism. Chris Hindal said,  “They were a fun-loving group but also interested in learning and growing.” Praise God for a group of couples who hold great potential for evangelism among their friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Chris presented the GARBC International Ministries at Heather Hills Baptist Church on Sunday, Feb. 17. Pastor Brian McCrorie and Associate Pastor Jon Kirby spend large segments of time in leadership training. The Hindals really appreciated their balanced worship and the wonderful spirit that seemed apparent in the congregation. Chris preached on the Great Commission in the morning worship time and transitioned into a presentation of the International Partnership. Following the worship service, Chris used the Adult Bible Fellowship hour to encourage the adults through an understanding of Gospel Literature Services. The Hindals were blessed by the gracious hospitality and the generous offering of the church for the international ministries.