Joseph and Francisca Akakpo work with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo, an IPFBM partner in Togo, West Africa. Rev. Kossi Lomdoh is president.

In the Lomnava church, things have changed for the past four months. Spiritual lives are progressing due to weekly group Bible studies; attendance has increased due to an evangelistic campaign we had in December and door-to-door evangelism every Sunday afternoon; and the physical appearance of the building (inside and outside) is shining because our God has provided funds through His people to renovate.

I am rejoicing to see that 11 new converts started baptism class the second week of January. The Lord is bringing a lot of kids to our Sunday School, and most of the parents are unsaved. Please pray for our compassion for these unsaved parents.

The Lord has been adding to the church every day. An average of 83 people attend on Sunday mornings these days, up from an average of 55 last year. Two babies were dedicated, and the third baby is on his way to being dedicated. Now with such a building, we need a PA system to make communication during worship and Bible study hours easy.

Joseph and Francisca Akakpo
GAP-AFRICA Missionaries
Youth/Family Ministries
Togo, West Africa