Director Chris Hindal presented the ministries of Regular Baptist International at Calvary Baptist Church, New Stanton, Pennsylvania, on Sunday night, Feb. 19.

Calvary Baptist was organized in the early ’70s by Pastor John Hicks, a missionary with the Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions. In those days, Chris, then a pastor in Pennsylvania, attended the recognition council as Calvary Baptist Church voted to seek fellowship with the GARBC. Around that time, Chris also crossed paths with Calvary Baptist’s current pastor, Richard Sementelli. Chris says his recent visit to the church “was a delightful time to get reacquainted with Pastor Dick and recall good memories in the ministry.”

In his presentation, Chris included an appeal to give to Regular Baptist International’s Emergency Relief Fund, which currently will provide resources to people Uganda suffering from a devastating famine. Several members of Calvary Baptist indicated their desire to participate in that project of compassion.