When Chris Hindal visited Evergreen Baptist Church, Michigan City, Ind., he was Michigan City, IN churchdelighted to discover several people in the congregation who had visited his church when he pastored in Fort Myers, Fla. Among those visitors were Pastor Jon and Nona Rumley, who invited Chris to present the GARBC International Ministries on Sunday, Oct. 6 in their church.

Accompanying Chris on this Sunday ministry was Pastor Emmanuel Ndolimana, general secretary of Rwanda Evangelical Baptist Churches, a partnering association in the IPFBM. Chris presented GospelMichigan City, IN church sign Literature Services in the Sunday School hour, preached a brief message on the Great Commission in the morning service, then transitioned into a presentation of the International Partnership. Pastor Emmanuel shared a testimony of church planting in Rwanda.

The church graciously gave Chris a check for expenses and honorarium and then at the close of the service took an offering for the international ministries. All glory to God for a great morning at Evergreen Baptist Church.