Pastor Rodney Schuler of Calvary Baptist Church, Menomonee Falls, Wis., invited Chris Hindal to present the GARBC International Ministries on Sunday evening, June 10. The church auditorium was decorated for Vacation Bible School, which would start the next morning. The church was using last year’s RBP curriculum “Rev It Up.”

Though it was a very warm night with no air-conditioning, the church folks were quite responsive to the ministry challenges. Pastor Schuler, who has been at Calvary for three years, is actively trying to acquaint the congregation with the ministries of the GARBC. He exhorted the congregation to heed the challenge to reach out to internationals in their community as well as pray more fervently for our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Calvary Baptist has built a new building that houses its Christian school. As soon as the church sells its old building, the services will move approximately 2 miles to the new location.