God provided several opportunities during Chris Hindal’s second week in India. The first couple days of the week he recovered in Hyderabad from a stomach virus combined with heat exhaustion. Temperatures ranged from 108° to 116° every day. None of the vehicles were air-conditioned, so both travel and ministry were in the excessive temperatures.

Thursday night Chris spoke at a house church, with people gathering on the front porch. This ministry was established by Pastor Mohan and Padma Kumar of Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministry, an IPFBM partner. That evening four people professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Saturday morning at 9:00 Chris met with Pastor B. Veeranna and his wife, Ramana, founder of the Serve to Save Ministries, another potential IPFBM partner. This brother visits and works in many villages of the Banjara tribal people and has established four Baptist churches, including the construction of four church buildings.

Saturday night Chris and Prasad had dinner with Dr. Jaya Sekhar, founder and president of Good News Bible Assembly and College, an IPFBM partner. Chris taught a two-hour class on missions to about 30 older adult students enrolled in the one-year Bible program.

Sunday morning Chris preached at Vimukthi Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. Jyothi Babu, president of the Independent Baptist Fellowship, an IPFBM partner.

The goal in India and worldwide is to connect these ministries in ways that keep them from ministry isolation. As they network in simple ways of prayer and fellowship, they will also figure out the next steps in cooperative efforts to strengthen their outreach and to fulfill the Great Commission assignment.