I am excited to share ministry activities and results from the past two months. God has been using our Bible students and our frontline missionaries to win the lost to Christ.

Our Bible college students (52 students), soldiers of Jesus Christ (31 members led by my son Chacha), and some of the teachers went out to reach the lost people with the gospel to different states, different townships, and different places. As we calculated, we reached 1,890 people, and out of them, 780 professed that they accepted the gospel. Missionaries also did soul-winning outreach during April and May in their mission fields. Missionary Tun Tun Naing baptized five persons as a result of their confessions. All the five baptized people were from Buddhist background.


The Lord has brought 150 young people to our Bible college for this academic year of 2011–12.

First year—44 students
Second year—30 students
Third year—38 students
Fourth year—34 students
Master students—4 students

As we used to do every year, this year also we conducted a three-day salvation campaign for students June 16–18, and a result, 21 students confessed that they are now born again. We thank God for that.

Recently the Lord provided some good books for our library and three computers for students’ use. God is good and faithful upon His ministry. Now we need Internet access for the library, which will require $2,000. Students have started Sunday School ministry on Sunday; we have Bible classes at 28 homes (Buddhist homes) every Sunday.

Out of our graduate students, nine young people are committed to the missionary work. I am really overjoyed to see such committed young people who are ready to live and die for Christ.

We had a candidate training for five days June 13–17. I was teaching attendees “suffering theology” and how to handle the ministry, and we did a commissioning service on June 19 at the Bible College Campus Church. The three men and six women are now in their expected mission fields. We have received funds for only six of the nine people; we are still praying for additional funds.

One of my main ministries is Bible translation in Falam Chin language. The New Testament has been printed, and even revision has been done. Now I am working on the Old Testament. We have finished checking with consultants the books of Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, and we are now working on the book of Numbers with expert consultant Kim. We will finish Numbers next week.

Needs and Prayer Items
1. For Internet for the library ($2,000)
2. For needy Bible students’ scholarship funds ($25 a month can support one student.)
3. For monthly support for four missionaries ($100 can support one missionary.)
4. For Soldier of Jesus Christ Base Camp (at least $20,000)
All those ministries are done through your financial support and prayer support.

Together we can accomplish more.

Yours in His vineyard,
Timothy Sui Lian Mangz
Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship