Myanmar Biblical Christian Institute students were sent in January to an outreach mission to Kaya State, eastern part of Myanmar. The students ministered in 17 villages among nominal Christians and non-believers, such as animist Budhists and Muslims. Out of 1,500 people, 55 persons accepted Jesus and 10 persons rejected listening the gospel of Jesus. The team ministered house to house, though home visits, personal evangelism, and mass evangelism according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit by prayer.

We continued the outreach mission March 12—April 4 in upper Myanmar at seven towns and three villages. At Sawbua village we held a three-day Bible training with 250 participants. Among them, 50 persons were full-time ministers; 37 persons accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. It is the fruit of our Partnership help in prayer.

We still need $15,000 to buy  a car for personal evangelism and missions outreach. I wish your prayer and financial help for it.

We serve the Lord’s gospel as much as we are able: (1) by car during gospel trip; (2) by literature distribution and Sunday School lessons; (3) by teaching, training Bible students, nurse aid training, etc.

We have already finished the trial translation of KJV Bible and  Sunday School lessons (2 Primary teacher books) into Burmese and now need the printing fee of $1.50 per book for Sunday School.

With the participation of our International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Missions, the great work will be accomplished.

In His service,
Dr. Thawng Za Mung
Biblical Baptist Churches of Myanmar Mission