Greetings in our Lord’s holy & precious name!   Thank you so very much for your love,  concern & prayers towards our growing Church & ministry.   Please know that your efforts shall not go in vain.

Evangelism Church Planting:   God has been continuously helping & guiding us to reach the unreached villages & our community people through our personal & door to door evangelism.  God has filled our hearts with His compassion & love for them. We are reaching new unreached villages & already God has touched several men & women including children through our ministry. Door to door & personal  evangelism turned a great help for us to establish House Churches in different villages. Despite huge oppositions & threats from fanatics, God has been adding new men & women to our  House Churches. More children are attending in our Sunday schools. Earlier the fanatic parents were not willing to send their children to our Sunday schools, but God has touched their hearts and now they are happy to send their children to us. They are learning God’s Word, spiritual songs & action songs, drawing & getting free tuition for their studies by our Sunday school teachers & leaders.  Praise God for that.

Social Work:   By His grace & through your prayers, we have been supporting in different ways to our needy believers & their children for their school fees & tuition fees. God has filled our hearts with His love & compassion towards our dear persecuted believers those who have lost their jobs / business & source of income due to their faith in Jesus Christ and living in very critical condition. Few believers are getting support for their medical treatment & for their medicines. Few of their sons & daughters are getting regular support for their school fees & tuition fees; others are getting free clothes & rice etc, Bible College: The most priority of our ministry is to make the disciples of Jesus Christ. The Students  are growing in the grace & in the knowledge of our Jesus Christ our Lord.  By His grace, they are taking the Gospel to unreached rural & interior Villages, conducting House Church fellowships and conducting  leadership trainings seminar.  Please pray for them.

Kindly Pray:    For God’s continuous guidance & protection in our own lives and for the believers.   That we may totally trust & depend on Him and His divine provision for our own  needs & ministry needs.   Pray that He might help us to continue to support to our Team members (Evangelists, Sunday school Teachers & few Poorest & Persecuted families).   That the Bible students may obedient to His teachings & closely walk with the Lord everyday.    Also, pray that they may give their tithes & offerings to God faithfully and involve  more effectively in His ministry.

That He might bring more new men & women to our House Church services.

Many thanks,

Your’s because of Calvary,

Billa Nelson Babu