This report covers the third quarter activities of the church from July to September, 2010. It high lights attendance, evangelism and other major activities planned for the year.


The following average attendance for the quarter is as followed:

1. Sunday School—123

2. Sunday Worship Service—- 382

3. Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Bible Study— 53


During the quarter, 24 persons were baptized and are now in the new believer’s class.


The theme for this year is on Great Commission (“Go ye there and teach all nations”). More than 240 persons trusted Christ as Lord and Savior during the quarter. This includes those who got saved from the fellowships.

Report from the fellowships

At the Calvary Baptist church in Kakata, Maribi County, 22 persons professed faith in the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior, 14 persons rededicated their lives to the Lord and three (3) persons got baptized. The average attendance at the church is more than 100 persons. At Repentance Baptist Church in Todee, more than 25 persons accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and 17 persons got baptized. The church has established fellowships in two nearby towns in the Upper Todee area.  The pastor of the church, Pastor Elvis Dissee thanked the Calvary Baptist Church for the support given him and his ministry in Todee and Bong Mines.

Activities at the Kadumah Community Baptist Church continued during the quarter. One adult got saved and many children trusted the Lord as Savior. At the same time, Pastor Peter Gbelee continued his bus ministry by preaching on buses. Work at the Central Baptist Church on the Pipeline in Paynesville is progressing since the church was renovated in May after the storm. The church wall has been plastered and construction works on a six class room building is taking place under the sponsorship of the Calvary Baptist Church School System.

Funds for the work were made available by the School Board. During the quarter, seven persons received Christ as Lord and Savior and four (4) people rededicated their lives to the Lord.

Since Pastor Isaac Peter took over as pastor of the New Life Baptist Church, active services and activities have resumed there. Many of the members who left the church after the death of the Late Pastor Sam Boweh have returned.  Mean while two persons have complete the baptism class and will be baptized soon. At the same time, the building has been plastered and painted and plans are on the way to relocate the church to the Cow Field land.

At the Crossroad Baptist Fellowship, three (3) persons made profession of faith in the Lord.  The church is in search of a land for a place of worship.

Construction work at the Todee Fellowship got under way during the 3rd quarter with the completion of the foundation and casting of floor.  Preparation is being done to put the roof and do the wall during this dry season.

Grand Gedeh Ministry

In August, the church, in collaboration with  the Second Calvary Baptist church and other  sister churches commissioned and sent out Evangelist Alex Roberts  as missionary to  the South East of the country especially Grand Gedeh County. On two occasions Evangelist Robert was given the opportunity to preach and present his vision to the church. He is one of the five men the church added on its mission budget for this year. It costs the church USD $ 5, 290 to support these outstation pastors and evangelists for this year.  Since his arrival in Grand Gedeh, he has started Bible studies in three communities with about 12 persons in attendance.  Sixteen (16) persons have trusted Christ as Lord and Savior as the result of soul winning and evangelism.

The Discipleship program resumed in August with more than 40 persons in attendance.  We are running two classes. The beginners’ class is being taught by Rev William Vambram and the advanced class is being taught by Rev. Tuakah E. Whiangar.  The program is geared at maturing believers in the Lord and training church leaders.

Youth Camp 2010

The 2010 youth camp was successfully held this year at the Rick Mission School in Virginia in August with 77 persons attending.  The camp brought together young people from Calvary and other sisters’ churches. Seven (7) persons trusted the Lord as Lord and Savior at the end of the camp.


The church continues to train young people for needed areas of services in the church. At the Jake Memorial Baptist College, we support Arthur Khamgbo and Pastor Isaac Peter. Patrick Wee is also being supported at the Teacher Training Program at Jake.  Three students are presently being supported by the church to attend music school. They are Leroy Bantu, Patrick Wee and Raymond Smith. Two of them are directly sponsored by the church while the Youth is sponsoring one.

Plans for the last quarter

Activities for the last quarter will focus mainly on launching the five (5) year development plan for the church.

Prayer Request

1.     Please pray for the church five years development plan. The building committee is presently working with the engineer to come up with the proposed plan for approval.

2.      Pray for Evangelist Roberts as he settles down in Grand Gedeh. He has found place for worship but land lord needs six months’ rent (USD $300) in advanced. He urgently needs a motoro bike for evangelism. The cost for  one  good bike is USD $1,250.00

3.      Pray for my building project.  We have reached roof level and trusting the Lord to provide funds for the next phase.

Pastor G. Larque Vaye

Calvary Baptist Church

Monrovia, Liberia

Cell: 011-231-6-515695