IMG_1417Alfred Marshall Adjaottor is a pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church, Ghana, West Africa, affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Ghana. He sends the following ministry highlight:

On the Monday after Easter, fundamental Baptist churches gathered for a daylong conference and fellowship. This year we were hosted by a young church, Central Baptist Church in Oyari. It was a great fellowship, and I was privileged to be part of organizing and leading the program.

After a long time of struggle, the AFBC’s Fundamental Baptist Hour television broadcast is finally on air, airing every Sunday. It is a great joy that the tremendous sacrifice and labor have finally been rewarded and the nation now has the opportunity to watch and listen to the truth of God. I double as the coordinator for that ministry. Lord willing, all the videos to be broadcasted in June shall be recorded here at Dansoman Baptist Church, and I am one of the preachers for the day. Please pray with us that the Lord pours out His sweet Word through us and will provide for the sustenance of the program.

God bless you for your ministry of prayer for us!

Alfred Adjaottor
Adenta-Accra, Ghana, West Africa