Ndihokubwimana Pascal is pastor and president of Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa, a ministry partner of Regular Baptist International. He sends the following letter.

Ebola virus is a scary and deadly disease transmitted through physical contact with an infected person. It was reported to have killed many people. Approximate statistics since 2018 are over 2,000 dead northeast of Goma, Congo, and now is hidden in many people in Goma after the identification of four infected persons, with two already dead in our town.

To fight the spread of the Ebola virus, the ministry of health has declared that hygienic rules are the only strategy at this level. To protect people, mainly the poor, who will not be able to afford by themselves the items being used, we are requesting financial help so 510 families and five churches can purchase the items: containers for saving water, hand sanitizer, and Chlorox to mix in water for hand washing at the churches and homes.

Pastor Ndihokubwimana Pascal
Community of Baptist Church in Central Africa
Goma, Congo