Rev. Leoncio C. Arabelo Jr. leads the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches of the Philippines. He sends the following report:

The word “Yolanda” has become synonymous with destruction, ruin, devastation, and anyimage002 other word that conveys the idea of disaster. And indeed it is because of what Typhoon Yolanda brought to the Philippines in November of 2013. It was one typhoon people in the affected places will never forget.

image002Yet it was also because of Typhoon Yolanda that many of our church buildings got a facelift due to the concern God’s people have shown in responding to the needs of the churches.

In December of 2013, together with Pastor Arman Rivera, we visited barangay Dakal in the town of San Enrique and found Pastor Martinez with several members in their makeshift church building hurriedly set up for their Thanksgiving service.

Dr. Kent Pool of ABWE was visiting and said, “We came to see the progress of the work. image002We saw the reason why we should rebuild the church building.”

On our second visit, Pastor Martinez tearfully thanked us for the help extended to them. He told us that on their own they could never build such a beautiful chapel.

Rev. Leoncio C. Arabelo Jr.
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches of the Philippines
Manilla, Philippines