The New Testament Baptist Church Association in Northeast India sends the following ministry highlights and updates.image002

Our friends Dr. Donald Shirk, Mike Charvella, Hans Foeller, and Pete Hollands from Grace Baptist Church, Batavia, N.Y., arrived on Feb. 21 for a 10-day visit. image002Pastor Shirk preached at our annual conference, and the other three friends helped with our house construction. It was amazing to see what they could accomplish within this short period.

We were so blessed to have this team with us. We saw the love of God at work through their humility and service. We were touched by the generosity of the people at Grace. They not only gave the funds for the house, but they also sent their pastors and the three friends to build the house.

New Church

Our church birthed another daughter church. We let 40 families of our church go to the south side of our town to start another new church. In just two months, the church now has 60 families and is outgrowing its building.

image002Hope Baptist Academy

Student enrollment at Hope has seen amazing growth. Last year we had 700 students, and this year the Lord gave us 850. We are also blessed with another school bus. We now run two school buses.

Asian Baptist Bible College Graduationimage002

Six of our Bible college students graduated with bachelors of theology. We also had a graduation service for five of our children at our orphanage. They finished high school and are ready to move forward. To see them going brought mixed emotions. They have been with us for the past 10 to 12 years. The greatest joy we have is that they all accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during their stay at the home.

image002Baptism Service

Two of our Bible college students and two young people were baptized.

Campsite Developmentimage002

The campsite property is now paid in full, and a road has been cut all the way to the top of the hill. We will do more leveling work and road development before we build the first house.

Open Doors and Opportunities

  1. Need volunteers (manpower).
  2. Volunteers can come to help short-term. We have room for all.
  3. Our school needs teachers who can teach math, English, and computer science; our orphanages need caregivers; our Bible college and summer Vacation Bible School need teachers; our children and youth camps need teachers, counselors, and volunteers; and our building projects need carpenters and masons.
  4. We will provide free housing and free transportation. People can come and stay from a week to six months with a tourist visa.