Alfred Marshall Adjaottor is a pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church, Ghana, West Africa, affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Ghana.

I had to take time off my regular schedule to go to Wa in the upper west region of Ghana, far north of the country. I was scheduled to teach a two-week class on discipleship and preaching at Baptist Bible Institute from Feb. 20 to March 2. (Baptist Bible Institute is now called West Africa Baptist College and is directed by Rev. Timothy Seidu, a Baptist Mid-Missions national missionary, Ghana Baptist Theological Institute mate, and fellow Bob Jones University alumnus.)

My 25 students are made up of the 8 current students along with pastors and lay leaders from churches in neighboring communities. So far the experience has been a wonderful opportunity to impart knowledge into faithful men and women who will be able to teach others also.

Because my classes at Wa happen to be only in the evenings, I have most of the daytime to work on the next level of the handbook. Hopefully I will accomplish much before heading back to the busy life of Accra.

Praises and Prayer Requests

  • Thank God for the safe trip to Aketekyiwa and back and for the opportunity to minister there.
  • Thank God for the safe journey to Wa. Thank God or the ministry opportunity here, and pray that I finish well and return safely back to Accra March 2.
  • The Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches, for which I am assistant secretary, is organizing a daylong seminar at Sege on March 6 for wives of deacons and pastors under the theme “building together.” I have a huge part to play in organizing that program. Please pray that it goes well.
  • Praise God for the many ministry opportunities and for providing grace and support to fulfill our duties and responsibilities.
  • Pray for wisdom, more strength, and skill.
  • Please pray for growth at Aman from Baptist Fellowship. We need a bigger meeting space, chairs, workers, gift Bibles, hymnals, and a piece of land to start developing. Please pray that the Lord provides.
  • Please pray for HBC, that the Lord will continue to enlighten the hearts of more clubbers and continue to provide for that ministry. Currently it costs about $200 each month to run clubs. I am praying to be able to provide $30 allowance a month each to two volunteers who will take care of the existing centers so I can move on to other places.
  • Please pray that the Lord will continue to awaken members of Dansoman Baptist Church from apathy.

Alfred Adjaottor
Accra, Ghana