Bible College Ministry

The Lord’s hands have been on our Bible college ministry. In the school’s 16-year history, 380 students have graduated. They are now serving all over the country in Bible colleges, Christian schools, orphanages, children’s ministry, and special-needs care ministry; some are church-planters and well-known pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. When I see great fruits of the Bible college ministry, I am overjoyed and thankful to the Lord.

The academic year started on June 4. In the third of week of June, we conducted an evangelistic crusade for students. Some new students have assurance of salvation as a result of that crusade.

The school has 144 students from 13 different ethnic groups. The easiest way to reach different groups is by training the young people from different people groups and sending them back to reach their own people groups. We selected some students as leaders, and we prayed for them. Students also gathered into four groups for sports.

Needs for Bible college

1. We are badly in need of $1,100 to fix fans at the college chapel. We want to fix 10 fans, as it is too warm in the chapel.

2. We need four more laptops for students’ research work; $500 can buy one laptop.

3. The library needs more books.

Soldiers of Jesus Christ

Timothy Soe Win was ready to go to Dawei town with Paul Ye Win Hlaing as a pioneer missionary. However, just before they left home, Timothy Win got sick and he has been in the hospital for three weeks.

Two female soldiers of Christ have been working as assistants to missionary Ngun Nei in Matupi town. They have been doing great work there. God is using them.

Out of these eight soldiers of Christ, six of them are now on the mission field. All of them are full of zeal and compassion. Please pray for their activities; funds are needed for their ministry travel expenses and their daily bread.

Prayer items for soldiers of Jesus Christ

1. They have been praying for the Soldiers of Jesus Christ Training Center.

2. They pray for a good vehicle that can go to different parts of the country for ministry.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy Sui Lian Mang

Revival Baptist Churches of Myanmar Biblical School of Theology
Rangon, Myanmar