What a mighty God we serve! He ushered us safely to 2011. His workings in us last year testifiy of what He can do this year.

Picnic and Baptism: Our annual church picnic on Jan. 01 was unique this year. What made it unique was we baptized six persons: three from Apam and three from Mumford. This enthused and excited the believers because we began the New Year with baptism. The three from Mumford all came to church for their first Communion service. Pray with us as we endeavor to teach them to observe the commandments of God.

Keyboard Lesson: My wife and two others have decided to learn the keyboard to help the church. We contacted a man who had agreed to teach them on fee. We are trusting God to help us financially to help them reach their potential in this effort. If it materializes, it will revolutionize our church’s music.

Recognition: As a form of appreciation and motivation, six persons were honored with certificates for their dedicated services and generous contributions to the church of God. The award which came as surprise made some to burst out in tears. Momentarily, brought to a heavenly feel: how and what it would be in Heaven when Christ with his nail-scarred hands rewards us.

Thank God for your life and ours. Grace and peace of Christ to you.

Isaac Eb-Otwey
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa