Please pray for us. We are in difficult time. Due to our evangelistic work many are coming into the Lord. Praise the Lord for that. At the same time many have returned to the Hinduism due to the force and threat of Hindu religious priests and community leaders.

Our church and myself are their main target. As I am a pastor, the religious Hindu fundamentalists have been making threatening calls to me demanding us to move from our hometown and cease the evangelistic work. They’ve beaten me. This has been repeating many a times.

Hence, after much prayers we’ve come to the conclusion to serve the Lord, where He wants us to serve Him. As you know, to relocate the ministry is not easiest thing. We’ll be needing place to live and a piece of land for the various projects. God willing, we’ll continue the same kind of ministry in a new place, such as evangelism, church planting, social work (various projects), and Bible college (theological education).

Please be sure that on alternate weeks I’ll visit my home or mother church to encourage the congregation and for preaching.

Hence, I humbly request you to please do consider helping us with your generous and sacrificial offerings as we make the gospel of Jesus Christ known to the Hindus and Muslim people. Your prayers and support are a blessing to our ministry. Please share the same with your church family and friends. Thanks.

In His service,

Billa Nelson Babu, pastor
Biblical Baptist Fellowship