Greetings in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I have not been able to write to you as Megha was away for last two weeks. He went to Manipur for ministry of teaching and preaching in a Theological Seminary. By the help of God he had a good time of teaching and preaching God’s Word. He taught I & II Corinthians, Pastoral Theology, and Dispensationalism subjects. His health was good too. The Lord kept him safe and sound.During his absence I had busy schedule of final exams and starting of new trimester. The Lord has been very good to us. He kept me also safe and sound in health.

In the midst of all these we all those who are in Silchar passed through a destructive flood for last two weeks. The water did not enter the campus of the Bible College, but it was surrounded by water like an island. Many people suffered a lot. Many houses were under water. The house we started to build was also under water for two weeks, we lost many things, yet house was not destroyed, we cleaned up and fixed some of the things. As it is not yet finished, we are not staying there, as for now we are in the college apartment. The cost of things rose very high as things are destroyed, farmers lost paddy plants, vegetables and fruits so much that everything is costly. The government is trying to bring the price low but the businessmen are trying to earn more so common people are suffering. Please pray for us. We are thankful to God for such friends like you who are praying for us continually and thinking of us. We are praying for you so that you all will be fine and be blessed by the Lord.

Miranda is doing well in her studies. She is busy with the preparation of her exams which are coming soon. Winter is setting in Shillong now, so quite cold already. It is not as cold as Michigan, but due to the lack of proper heating system the place is very cold. Its cold season starts in September and ends in March, so you can imagine the situation! Miranda is having sinus problem too. Though it is cold we sent her there because the state is a Christian state, and colleges are run by Christians, and no disturbances by pujas (Hindu festivals) and bandhs (bandhs are blockades, the time people agitate against government and closes down everything for few days). In Shillong bandhs are very rare but in Silchar very frequent, children suffer a lot in their education. But now she has been ill for the last three days. Megha & I are planning to visit her tomorrow. Please pray for her.

Please continually pray for us. Our prayers are with you. Thanks again.
Megha and Rose with Miranda