SUMATRA, Indonesia—This is the summary report of the Vacation Bible School that was part of seven days of revival in Sumatra. Twenty-six churches joined the event. There were 906 children who attended VBS; 167 decided to trust in Christ, and 36 decided other commitments. Please pray for the follow-up programs.

The conference was success. There were 120 people who came to
the conference. We celebrated the result of our past year in church planting ministry, education ministry, and missions trip. The participants learned from two guest speakers. And at the end of the conference we set new goals on four strategic ministries for next year (Church Planting, Evangelism, General and Theological Education, and Social Community Development). This is the summary of Action Plan of Team Sumatra for 2010.

In the church planting ministry, we decide to plant new church in the three provinces and seven differenct cities. In the evangelism ministry, the conference recommended to Team Sumatra to train church planters on how to do contextual evangelism for indigenous people groups of Sumatra. In the theological education we plan to set a training on “expository preaching” for the pastors. In the community development ministry we decided to begin ministry for street kids. The conference set a study group to prepare and learn about street kids’ ministry. Regarding this planning, we will do a seminar of counseling for kids that will be offered in the second biggest city in Sumatra in February 2010, and an initial action for street kids’ ministry will be done at the end of seminar.

The conference decided that the 2010 Sumatra Mission Conference will be in Bandar, Lampung. Please pray for TS and its next coming
year agendas.

Bukit Barisan for Glory
Andreas Andoko, MD