We are fine in the Lord, It has been our prayer everyday that peace may return to our country and things come to normal even though it seems it may take long because the two principals appeared to drift further apart Even us African envoys Engaged in (Method) diplomacy to bring them to talking terms, Please pray for Kenya.

I am reciept of an email from Sister Judith containing a Reference number of U.S Dollar 1000 which was sent to me, it is like a sweet aroma. On behalf of displaced people am registering our appreciation and vote of thanks to you and to any one whom may have donated towards their food and even drugs. Many are still staying in the cold and it is rainy seoson over here, It is really touching and painfull especially with children, we dont know exactly when the situation will come to normal. pray for me, I will be leaving next week to visit the displaced in camp to camp to preach and give councelling some Areas are not safe with us.

God bless you. Pass our regards to everyone.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor David Osoyi.