PERU—Dear fellow workers in the harvest,

At this point of the year we have many reasons to praise God and thank Him for His works.

At the end of January, God sent Luis Escobar and his family to Tarapoto (Peruvian Northern rain forest). Luis is doing a wonderful job promoting in the new church a faithful obedience to the Great Commission. Recently, on Oct. 20, God sent David Toribio and his wife to Puerto Maldonado (Peruvian Southern rain forest). David is working with a core group of believers in that city, causing them to grow in order to reach the city, the natives beside the rivers, and areas of Brazil and Bolivia. Please pray for David; his vision is so big, but his resources very limited.

Training of Pastors and Missionaries
As I said in other reports, there are a lot of pastors and missionaries serving in independent Baptist churches with no theological training or basic instructions. Step by step, servants in various areas are showing interest in improving their service to the Lord, so we have now five centers of training: Huacrachuco (Huánuco), Cieneguillo (Sullana), Piura (Piura), Ingenio (Amazonas), and Quillabamba (Cusco). We are using a 10-course program and mobilizing about seven pastors to teach and share their lives in the fields. It also helps to enlarge the missionary vision of pastors and churches involved.

This coming December, we will start other center in Shatoja, San Martín. Pastor Cesar Castillo and Monte de los Olivos Baptist Church are inviting pastors in the area. He said 25 students are registered, and Lord willing, I will be teaching them on Dec. 14–18. Please think and pray about being part of this center through your prayers and offerings. We need $150 to cover travel expenses every two months. In our centers students cover their books and food expenses, churches provide accommodations, but WBMP covers travel expenses of pastor-professors.

Praise the Lord we made contact with pastors of Iquitos, Peru. We were concerned about theological training for people who live beside rivers in the jungle, but they say that even pastors with Bible institute training want to study more and grow. So Iquitos area is another future center for training. Praise the Lord friends of Missionsports (North Carolina) are evaluating to partner with us to face these new challenges and opportunities in the Peruvian Amazonia. Pray for it.

We celebrated our 38th anniversary and had our annual business meeting on Oct. 23. The economical report showed that we met our 2009 budget. Praise the Lord! I also thank you for your prayers and offerings. In 2010 our budget will increase in $4,000 U.S. dollars. This ministry counts on your prayers and support. Lord willing, our graduation ceremony will be held on Nov. 28.

God is blessing the church with several new believers, baptisms, and a biger missionary effort. Recently the church decided to build a new auditorium. Our rustic auditorium is about 30 years old and only 200 people can enter there. We want to accommodate 300 people in order to duplicate what we are doing for the Lord. Please pray with us for this project.

In Him,

Enoc Príncipe

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