In March the GARBC International Ministries provided funds enabling Good Soil Baptist Bibles sent from CA churchChurches International, a partnering association in Bungoma, Kenya, to buy 70 Bibles for its churches. Now First Baptist Church, Walnut Creek, Calif., has provided funds for additional Bibles. Thanks to the church’s gift, Good Soil Baptist Churches was able to purchase 68 more Bibles. On the Sunday after the purchase, Rev. Cyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea, director of the association, asked leaders of 16 churches to gather at Mianguligroup receiving Bibles from Walnut Creek, CA Good Soil Baptist Church, where they received the Bibles.

“Thank you so much,” he wrote to the International Ministries. “You have made this happen through your effort to share our need to others, so that the Lord touched the heart of our brethren from this church . . . to meet our need of Bibles.”

He says the Bibles are helpful in the study of Sunday School literature that the International Ministries has provided, in discipleship, and in sharing the message of the gospel in Muslim communities and other unreached people in Kenya, Africa, and around the world.