On Saturday night, Nov. 11, following the All-Partners Conference in Tagaytay City, Philippines, Chris and Deb Hindal flew to Hong Kong to contribute to the Kids4Truth Clubs translation venture. A team in China is translating Regular Baptist Press’s Kids4Truth Clubs materials into Mandarin and plans to add a Cantonese version for believers in Hong Kong.

Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and Bob Roberts, the founder of Kids4Truth Clubs, met with pastors, teachers, and other church leaders in Hong Kong who have used the English version of the Kids4Truths Clubs program. Chris and Bob asked about the leaders’ experience using the materials, and Billy Mulligan, a videographer, recorded the interviews, which he will combine with clips of videos that he shot throughout Hong Kong. The Hong Kong leaders’ experience with Kids4Truth Clubs will, hopefully, motivate the 1,200 evangelical churches in Hong Kong to consider implementing the program.

The Kids4Truth Clubs materials will be formatted in a parallel English-Chinese edition. Private schools that are teaching English as a second language may benefit from this parallel format and use the program as a supplement to their curriculum. “Our prayer is that this [program of] theology for kids will deepen the understanding of children who professed faith in Jesus,” Chris says. “An additional missionary spin-off from this project is the intent to put the same Kids4Truth curriculum in Mandarin Chinese for distribution throughout the Chinese mainland.”

Following Chris’s visit with the translation team and leaders in Hong Kong, Chris spoke at Grace Baptist Church in Hong Kong on Sunday, Nov. 12. Pastor Cedric has shepherded this congregation for 10 years. The congregation meets in a rented YMCA building. The facility works well, as it has plenty of classroom space, though the largest room, used as the auditorium, is full on Sunday mornings. About 120 people gathered on Sunday, Nov. 12, some sitting in an adjoining overflow room.

Chris says, “I knew most of the songs we sang. They were contemporary songs done in a conservative way. The worship nicely led us to focus on the Lord.” The music integrated both the Chinese and English languages. Chris preached from 2 Timothy 2 on what it means to be a soldier of Christ. Chris notes that this church follows an interesting cultural practice: after guests greeted one another and shook hands during the service, a lady walked through the room with a spray bottle filled with hand sanitizer.

The congregation warmly welcomed the Hindals during their visit, and a happy and vibrant spirit enveloped the church.