The cyclone that hit Myanmar has horrific implications. The news outlets are reporting tens of thousands dead and scores of thousands still missing. At this point the numbers are changing every day, and differ between news outlets.

Every dead or missing person affects a family, and every family affects a circle of friends. Businesses have been damaged or washed away, leading to widespread unemployment or interruption in employment. In a country where poverty is more the norm than the exception, this event has produced a crisis of great proportions. All utilities have been cut off—no electricity, no water, no communications. Food supplies are limited, and disease will soon become widespread. It is hard for most of us to imagine those kinds of conditions.

One partner shared this report:
Thank you very much for your loving kindness and inquiry email to me, our cyclone distruction. In our campus altogether orphans, christian nurse aid trainees, Bible students, widow oldcare, and worker ministers over (90) persons suffered griefs and pains. By the grace of God, no one is died in our campus. But the campus building roofs and wall are destroyed. Electric lines broken, no light, no water, no telephone, no email communications were not in our campus. Some orphans are suffered from severe diarrhea disease. The price of all things are highly increased. I will send the destroy building, photo picture later. The ugrent pressing need for the building to repair and food and drinks for it is too much expenseive. So we need your prayer and urgent help to save our life.

Will you allow God to show Himself strong through the heart of His people?
Over the past two years as I have talked about the International Ministries of the GARBC, I have repeatedly told congregations that I am proud to be part of an association of churches that has a heart of compassion. I have cited the extraordinary giving that reached out to the tsunami victims in Asia, as well as to our own countrymen along the Mississippi Gulf Coast who suffered the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Once again God has demonstrated His power by intervening in the lives of thousands. This demonstration indicates that God is up to something great to bring glory to His name. Certainly, believers in GARBC churches will want to be involved in this significant opportunity for sharing the love of God.

Like Thailand, where the 2004 tsunami hit, Myanmar is overwhelmingly Buddhist. We must take back the ground for the cause of Christ. We must make a timely response. Everyday that passes brings more suffering.

We will be sending money for immediate relief to our affected partners in the International Partnership. At this point we also plan to reprint the tract used in the previous disasters and make it available in Burmese. We will try to coordinate our efforts with other ministry organizations in both the U.S. and Asia.

You can help.

To help, please respond through this “donate” link and specify “emergency relief.” Or you can send gifts—marked “emergency relief”—directly to Gospel Literature Services.

Gospel Literature Services
1300 North Meacham Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

May God bless you for your outpouring of His love for the gospel’s sake and the greater glory to His name.

Chris Hindal
Director of International Ministries
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches