Regular Baptist International recently sent funds to the Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association of Malawi, Africa, so it can purchase Biblical literature in the Chichewa language. This association has been part of Regular Baptist International since February. Laban Limbanga, president of the Malawi association, sends the following thank-you letter.

We received the funds sent to us for gospel literature. Thank you very much for the money, as we were able to purchase from Baptist Publications in Lilongwe those materials which are in our local language, Chichewa, and also relevant to our purpose. There are Bibles, gospel tracts, and more books on spiritual growth and evangelism tools. We appreciate that help in our endeavor to bring more people to Christ and establish new Baptist churches in those unreached areas.

We appreciate the support, as it helps the member partners especially in evangelism and church planting. As an association, we have identified about four places where we want to evangelize and plant new churches. We trained an evangelistic team to help us in conducting this evangelism campaign and plant churches in unreached places.

May the almighty God bless you and you ministry.

Laban Limbanga
Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association
Ntchisi, Malawi, Africa