Praise God for the wonderful work the Lord is doing in Bassa.

Thank you very much for the Sunday school materials you sent. The materials arrived safely in Liberia and I have picked them up. The materials are great blessing to our rural churches that are suffering to find teaching materials. I have packaged them to be distributed during our next Bible distribution and soul winning trip. We have not been able to go up country because we are having problem with the van. The van is in the garage. We are trying to overhaul the engine. Hopefully we will get it from the garage on Monday.

Brother, the Fundamental Baptist churches under Baptist Mid Mission has been requesting and praying along with us that the RBP Sunday school material come back to our churches. The Lord answered our prayers through you. I will go in the rural part of Liberia to help the churches. Brothers Rich and Bob had informed me that you have sent more materials to them to be shipped.

Thank you for the great help.
God bless you, Jefferson Leon