This summer, Gospel Literature Services sent Vacation Bible School materials to New Life Crusaders in Manipur, India. Director Helun Singsit says, “Thank you for sending us these life-saving/changing materials.” Over the past two years New Life Crusaders has conducted VBS for schoolchildren using lessons sent by GLS, and approximately 600 individuals have been saved.

Another VBS will be held Sept. 25–30 at Shalom Academy, using Sea Quest: Diving for God’s Treasure, a previously published VBS curriculum from Regular Baptist Press.

Shalom Academy and New Life Crusaders are ministries of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur. Approximately 500 students up to 10th grade attend Shalom Academy, located in the Himalaya Mountain state of Manipur. “Hindu parents will not send their children to a Christian church, but they will send them to a Christian school,” says the fellowship’s website. “Hindu parents approve of the good moral teaching a Christian school offers.” Each year 50–100 students accept Christ as their Savior through the school’s teaching.

New Life Crusaders, along with many other ministries that receive materials from GLS, appreciates every resource it receives. Those materials “might be outdated/expired, but still God uses them to save many young lives whenever we conduct a VBS,” Singsit says.

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