Christian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in Saipan. He sends the following ministry update:

We have seen the need to train more 2T men and Christian educators than we have trained in the past, so Dr. Wei and other pastors in SH city started a mobile university to train them. We will send professors there during the summer and winter time so the Christian teachers and pastors can accumulate credits for certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

We are experiencing the biggest group of Christian educators at this time for the eighth class of Christian Educators’ Training. We have 76 adults and 30 plus children to join our training. They will be graduating on Aug. 25 and will go back to China to establish church schools and home schools. At this moment, it is very difficult to start a Christian school in China. Even if it is a secret school, we still face many challenges. However, we are training as many as Christian educators as possible to go back to establish more schools. As we have said before even though we cannot start a school of 5,000 in China, we can start 5,000 schools in China. Thus, we are training many Christian educators and encouraging them to start home schools and church schools where we can train pastors, preachers, and leaders of the house church for the Lord in the next generation.

Dr. Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions