Faith CambridgeChris Hindal is on a mission to inform and inspire Regular Baptists about what their association is doing internationally.  So many pastors scratch their head with uncertainty as to what is the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. Often the response to Chris’ presentation is, I had no idea that our Fellowship was involved so broadly around the world.

Faith Baptist Church in Cambridge, Iowa invited Chris to present the GARBC International Ministries on Sunday, February 23rd.  Using both the Sunday School hour and the morning worship service, Chris challenged the congregation as to their personal response to the Great Commission as well as the efforts of our brothers and sisters globally to fulfill their responsibility.  Chris stated, “It is really cool to see how our international partners are sending out their own missionaries into countries that are difficult for us as Americans.

Faith Baptist is pastored by Jacob Saylor.  Pastor Jacob built a home in Cambridge and God is using this church to impact their community.