I am always glad to send news and read your encouragement words, through your continuing prayers and support our Berean Baptist Ministries in Manipur is in good progressed. This year I got 700 students including (110 children totally free tuition fees students from very poor background and orphans) Now our ministries: 1. Berean Baptist Academy 2. Berean Baptist Children’s home/orphanage 3. Berean Baptist Church. Inside the campus 160 students are staying. Now I am facing acommodation problem because I did not complete the building, without finishing the building we acopying the rooms for the time being our orphans and baorders are steeping on the floor withouth doors and windoors, I am trying to solve this problem but due to financial problem I could not able to meet all our
students and church needs.

So, today what I want to share something with you is that, kindly do raise some fund again for the building and orphanage needs in the churches in US. To finish the building works I need another 5 lakhs at the same time I have many dues to be paid to my labours and in the shops, by any means I building up upto this stage but many more to be completed, sometime I am too worrying alots and restless, but thank God for His faithfullness and cares.
If you kindly raise some more fund for the said matter I will be very much thankfull to God and you and, that will be very much helpfull for the ministries to come.

I hope you will see and understand the situation which we are in now. Our students, church members and staff are remembering you and our prayer is with you always.   Yours In His ministry,

Bt. Pousiam, President
Berean Baptist Ministries, Manipur, India.