Joseph and Francisca Akakpo work with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo, an IPFBM partner in Togo, West Africa.

The Lord led me back home to Togo safely after three days of a Spiritual Retreat in Ghana with our ABWE missionaries and pastors. The theme was “One Mind . . . One Voice.” I got the opportunity to be part of the retreat. This was what one of the missionaries expressed after the retreat:

“Our guest speaker was Pastor Joseph Akakpo, who is an ABWE GAP missionary serving in Togo, his home country (although he was born in Ghana and we like to claim him as our own). Because he has lived in the U.S., worked with American missionaries for many years, and has also served across cultures in Cameroon, he was the best man who could come and stand in the GAP between us missionaries and the Ghanaian nationals with which we serve. . . . Pastor Joseph spoke from his heart and was obviously led by the Spirit as he spoke about forgiveness, remembering where we came from, and having attitudes of gratitude. A lot of people were convicted by the Word and there were several private conversations throughout the two days where reconciliation occurred.”

Although my return trip was rough on the road, my God protected me from a serious accident as I was alone in our mini-bus. I praised the Lord for answering our prayers above our expectation during and after the retreat.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Joseph Akakpo
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches