Shalom Academy — there is much to pray for in regard to Shalom Academy and most of the news is not good. To put it plain and simple—the neighbors want us to leave by making our lives miserable.  Many of you were praying for Shalom Academy regarding the neighbors showing hatred toward the school and what we stand for these past several weeks by blocking the main drainage area thereby flooding the compound. This has gone on for over a month. Currently the situation is being decided by the Village Authorities (who gave the go ahead to put the drain system in use, but the neighbor is still fighting this). Please pray as the neighbor, (professing to be a Christian and a pastor at that!) is stirring up the entire village against us. Thus far, by God’s grace, we have not retaliated or lashed out towards this man as he wants us to, and thereby ruining our testimony. Please don’t stop praying as the situation is far from over and the people we are dealing with are filled with deceit. Unless the Lord intervenes in this situation there may not be any change; but with God all things are possible.

Other Shalom News—-Even though we completed the building/construction project, we are still doing major repair work in compound. A new and deeper well, about 45 ft deep, was dug thereby causing water output to more than double.  This may sound small, but it makes a major impact for those who depend on the water supply from this well. The brick fencing completely surrounding the property and the buildings is about 16 years old and needs reinforcement to keep it standing for another 16 years.  The old building used as a chapel hall was pulled down and the ground leveled added additional playground space.

An economic blockage in the state of Manipur has brought untold suffering to the general public. All materials are shipped into Manipur, thus already increasing the cost. Add embargo situations, and the costs skyrocket.  Even day-to-day needs are brought in from other areas.  All of this just because a few misguided politicians decided to not allow goods to come in from other states. The impact of this economic blockage to Shalom ministries is huge, as we must buy construction materials at a much higher price.

Pastor Natum Singh–many exciting things happened at Bible Baptist Church and we have experienced unprecedented God’s power during the past couple of months. Three individuals from Hindu backgrounds were saved, baptized, and added to the church, including the husband of one of the founding members of BBC.  It was noted why it took a long time for Mr. Dhiren Singh to come to know the Lord, yet God’s timing was perfect and the Lord knew what his children needed the most is a saved father now. On another note, two more Hindu men came to know the Lord from another church extension ministry of BBC. The church at Khanarok was established in a Hindu village primarily for Hindu converts and has struggled to be a church. On top of everything, two weeks ago the roof of the church building was blown off by storm adding additional setbacks. Please pray for them that they would be encouraged.

Bethel Baptist Church—Pastor Jamthang— the progress of the construction of the new church building is slow and hoping to be completed by mid 2011. An orphanage, as part of the school ministry of Bethel, is also facing financial setbacks as recent storms caused damage to the dormitory. We need God’s provision for the supply of money to replace storm-damaged buildings. Please pray with us as we look to God to meet these needs. The school has 100 students this school year. Last month the youth group conducted a special meeting for the year and the pastor challenged the group with a powerful message. An altar call was made passionately at the end of the message and many young people responded—of these 10 accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

Conferences—Both the women’s conference and the general conference of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur were held back to back. The two conferences were organized among 13 like-minded in faith and practice churches with a single purpose of exalting Christ and reviving the saints. It was a time of spiritual renewal for many within the fellowship and many lives were touched. There were signs of God’s Holy Spirit at work and there was a deep sense of joy and new commitment to move forward with a dedication to keep the unity of the believer. We praise God for the two women that worked tirelessly to make these conferences a success: Mrs.Tonglhing and Ms.Lhingkhokim. They attribute their accomplishments to simply obedience to the Lord and their love for God’s people. The Women’s Conference had a daily attendance of 230-250 every day during the conference and 3-4 preachers spoke each day.

Pastor Thangkholal and Evangelist Paohen participated in a Special Drug Addicts Camp in the Saikul area and about 104 drug addicts attended for five consecutive days. As a result of intense witnessing and scriptural based counseling, we saw the salvation of 80 men. Regular follow up Bible study and Prayer meeting continues with these new Christians.

Pastor Lhunkhosat— the Lord provided a place to worship for Gwaltabi Local Baptist believers, a building built with their own hands that were dedicated in January and the entire church members witnessed the hand of God’s provision. The church is located in a small village yet has the potential of reaching three distinct people groups: the Meiteis, the Tangkhuls and the Kukis.

Chong Singsit