MYANMAR, Asia—Timothy Sui Lian Mang continues to work on his Bible translation project. Many people are now reading his Falam Chin New Testament and expressing their appreciation. “Now I have to focus on the Old Testament,” he says. A senior Old Testament translation consultant of Bibles International Society has checked his translation of Genesis. “We sat together daily with another three national translation committee at Grand MizaTha Hotel room. It was a real challenging work.” The accurate translation of the Bible is important to Timothy Sui Lian Mang. “God’s Word is very precious and it should be translated accurately. The written Word of God (the Bible) is God’s precious gift. By reading and studying it, we can know the way of salvation, Heaven, Hell, doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and so on.” Timothy Sui Lian Mang covets people’s prayer support for this project, as his eyesight is becoming poor.

The soul-winning outreach of “Soldiers of Jesus Christ” is divided into 12 teams, with each team in a different field. All of the members will return to the Bible college the first week of June. “I am really excited to have them back and hear their experiences,” says Timothy Sui Lian Mang.  Traveling on foot from village to village, the teams give every home and every person they meet a PDF of the gospel. (The teams created PDFs with a trial version of pdfFactory at Some teams target youth, and other teams target children. But in order to
travel the whole country, the group needs a van.

In March the Grace Child Care Ministry accepted two children: Esther, an orphan, is four and Lal Rem Ruat is two years old. Lal’s father and mother are both blind and could not take care of him, so they brought him to Grace Child Care Ministry. “We have a great responsibility for these two children,” says Timothy Sui Lian Mang.

A missionary retreat was held in Twente Town March 16 and 17. Twenty-one missionaries attended. The 12 candidate missionaries have finished their candidate training and have been accepted as new missionaries. They are now visiting churches and, in the second week of June, will go to the Mission Training Center. There they will participate in five days of training before they head to their mission fields among unreached people groups.