Girls in Myanmar pack clothes for people in Myanmar’s Chin State.

Victor Vula is director and principal of Victory International School in Myanmar and leads Victory Community Chapel. He sends the following ministry update.

We are still planning to start school in July. Since the current political situation is not progressing much, and due to the increase of recent COVID-19 new cases, we plan to do it online. Weak internet connection will be another big issue. Please pray that we can start class in July and have a stronger internet connection and for better online teaching materials.

We began our teacher training last week. We will do it more intensely this week and increase subjects. Please pray that this training will help our teachers to be more effective in their teaching skills.

Please pray for the school building project at our new place this year so that more classrooms will be ready before students can come to the school. We plan to build a four-story building. Pray that at least the foundation can be laid.

Pray for parents of our students who are already enrolled for the coming academic year. Parents’ income has been affected by COVID-19, followed by the current political crisis. We are worried that some of the parents might face financial crisis.

People line up outside a bank in Myanmar.

Prayer requests

  • Almost every day there is news about killing, raiding, robbing, bomb explosion, etc. all over Myanmar. Please pray that the government will be back in the hand of the civil leaders and that peace will be restored.
  • Many people need urgent help with basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. Many people left their homes for safer places. If this situation continues, over 10 million people will live in hunger in two months. And now that the rainy season has begun, health problems will follow; in some places that is already an issue.
  • People have been lining up at banks to withdraw money. Soon there will be no money left in the banks.
  • As a result of the current political crisis, our economy is already affected. Lots of people have lost their jobs. Due to the recent increase of COVID-19 new cases, it’s hard to imagine what life will be like in the coming months. Pray that there will be changes soon and that God’s mighty work will be seen in Myanmar.

Victor Lal S. Vula
Yangon, Myanmar