Dear  Praying Partners,

Let me take the  opportunity to write this update from my hospital bed. Yes, I am  taking a few days off at a hospital in Imphal since two days back.  My doctor convinced me to take care of my sugar level and few boils that pops up in my face and head.   I also need to take antibiotic injection.  I am perfectly fine. I read, listen to music, meditate and  rest. I hope to leave the hospital in a day or two.

The Lord is ever faithful.  He is always near. It’s never been easy, but  not impossible.  We have a lot to share as our last update was few months ago. You can rejoice with us and join us  in praising  God.

Praise items & Harvest News!

Stephen  spoke in a camp in few weeks back.  Ten  men  got saved and good number rededicated their lives to Christ.

Field news.  I just got an email from our church planters in Katmandu Nepal. Here I will share with you. He writes,  ” We praise God for His great works here in Nepal. On Saturday  five new souls accepted the Lord as their personal Savior and Lord. And also the orphanage building construction is progressing. I  attached some photos of House and new converts who are confessing their sins and accepting the Lord. Please pray their spiritual growth. At Sunkhani there are souls adding to Lord’s Kingdom day by day. Church is growing rapidly. We thank God for it too. Our brothers and sisters are laboring hard in HIs ministries”.

Visitors from USA: Dr. Steve Overholt and his team  visited us  for ten days. They left us last Monday.  Both Dr. Overholt and his wife Dr. Becky  have doctorate degrees in Education. They are our partners coming  to India every years to help us in our Bible college and Christian schools. They also represent us to the churches  in the US.  This time they came with three other friends, Dr. Pat, who is a school  Principal in NJ,  Mrs. Sue, a librarian and Miss. Blinky, who worked with the children. They all did a great job, They train our teachers in their respective fields.   They went  home loved and missed by all.  For the first time, they  taught us how to make pumpkin  pie and we are very happy that it works.

Project News:

Hope  Baptist Academy: Fifteen rooms has been completed and occupied by the students.  We still have seven rooms to finish. Dr. Steve and his team brought a good number of books. Now we have almost thousand books in our library.

Dr. Garlow multi-purpose memorial  Chapel: Dr. Garlow’s chapel  roof is coming up smoothly. We have put up the roof structure. In few weeks, we will  put the roof.

Tabor Children Home Housing Project. Our partner in Childcare, Baptist Children Home provide the fund to build one home. A team of ten builders from my church are working on that.  The home will be ready for occupation  by  next week end.

New Jeep for our Family and new motor bikes for our pastor and church planters We sold our nine years old jeep  five months ago.  We prayed for  a new jeep and the Lord provided us one.  We just bought a new jeep three weeks ago.   The Lord also provided fund to buy motor cycle for our pastors and church planters through Emmanuel Baptist Church, Flint, MI.  We  have bought two motor bikes  and gave to one pastor and one church planter. We will buy two more bikes in few weeks.

Asian Baptist Bible College:  We have twelve new students for this year.  Altogether we have 38 students.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for our spiritual growth and  revival in our churches.

Pray for the removal of economic blockade in our state highways. It has been over three months since the economic blockade and road block is imposed. It effect the market price  and  bring a lot of hardship to our people.

Pray for more fund so that we can finish Dr.  Garlow’s Memorial Chapel. We still need $20,000 to finish the building,

Pray for our family: Dad getting older with seeing problem, John and Sarah growing up as teenager, and baby Kezia who tunred five last April. For Chingboi as she look after Hope Baptist Academy.  For Stephen’S health and the many challenges as he cast vision and lead the team for the various ministries the Lord entrusted to our care.

Serving, striving and rejoicing with you.

Stephen & Chingboi